Declaration of Principles

April 2, 2007 at 2:24 pm Leave a comment

Now that sustainability experiments are sprawling at nearly every virtual corner, why not have a go as well? Maybe the originality factor is long gone by now, but hey, the less CO2 the merrier.

Here we set out to live as sustainably as possible, on a measly student budget. So keeping things sensible and economical is the key. We are just a couple of plain, lazy and cheap environment students. We are not about to go to any extremes like giving up toilet paper or olive oil… or TV. Maybe if I had a book deal I would too…

The reasoning behind this experiment is that, a lot of times, reducing your consumption of random useless stuff, together with your consumption of resources is not only better for the environment, it is also better for your wallet. And if we want to have more money to spend on organic, local and fair trade, we can. It is just a matter of redistribution. Save on your bills, buy better food.

The rules we will be following throughout this ordeal:

  1. Reduce our consumption of resources as much as we can (energy, water, etc.)
  2. Reduce our consumption, period. Buy less stuff, produce less waste.
  3. Quantify! Have a true sense of how much waste we are avoiding, how much resources we are sparing, how much money we are avoiding.
  4. Conscious environmental choices. To determine when we should buy local or organic, or both, case by case, in our situation.
  5. Replace eco-nasty products for eco-friendly ones as needed. I decided I’m not going to create more waste by not using what I already have.

Now that the rules are down and we know where we stand, I will make The List of all my environmental bad deeds, and start working on my Environmental Karma.

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