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Fridge in the Snow

This day just took a completely dramatic and unexpected turn. I was just going about my usual blog round, which includes a stop at  Little Blog In the Big Woods. Greenpa’s seemingly insane suggestion that everyone should get rid of their fridges… actually got me thinking, believe it or not… Well… not about my poor tiny innocent little fridge, I have no problem with him. At least for now. I am not prepared to give him up, especially with the warmer weather approaching.

But I realized that I completely forgot about the monster freezer I keep in my bike garage, quietly tucked away out of sight and out of mind. Why do we use that thing, anyway? I have four drawers full of last century frozen veggies that were already there when we moved in. I am almost tempted to think it is worth to keep running it just to avoid confrontation with that nastiness. But alas, I must be brave… So actually, we have been keeping it on for the sake of some rotten greens, half a package of ice-cream and a bunch of ice bags (plastic ice bags… another thing to add to The List).

So there… I made up my mind. I’m pulling the plug on the big white. I am still left with a moral dilemma about having to throw away a number of plastic bags full of water. Hmm… Here’s what I’ll do: I’m going to give it until Sunday to get rid of the ice… Which may or may not include getting a bunch of people over and an alcohol binge… Oh the sacrifices one has to endure…  😀

Anyway, I actually think there is something to be said about no-fridge idea. Maybe not while its warm, and not in hot climates. But why not using your balcony in the winter as a natural refrigerator? I have done it when I lived in a student corridor and had no space in the fridge… it works just as well. I can even envision having a shelf on the balcony especialy for that purpose and unplugging the indoor one. This is definately something I will consider next winter.

How about you Vanessa? Wanna give it a try? 😉

Photo Courtesy of Phil Dowsing on Flickr

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