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The Full Monty

After a couple of days of whining, I can finally write about something that is really really great. Today I made it, at last, to the only organic shop here in Wageningen. That place is AWESOME! I can’t believe it’s been so long since last time I went there… I lost myself in there like I was in Disneyland… They had EVERYTHING! And I mean, everything you could possible want or need to be a full-time hippie tree-hugger, even things you didn’t even imagine you could find here.

I can’t even begin to describe it. They have an huge variety of all kinds of green clening stuff, natural beauty products, beeswax candles, organic pet food, natural kitty litter, all kinds of organic grains, organic flower, organic bread and Co. organic dairy, organic meat, meat replacements, organic oils, organic wine, organic beer, organic coffee/tea, recycled paper products (yes, including toilet paper in an 8 pack), organic compost, organic pot soil, organic seeds, all kinds of veggies and so on and on and on.

Seriously, everything you could ever wish for in order to be green is there. What I liked especially about the fruit and veggies is that the price tags show right off the bet where the stuff comes from, and the selection of local dutch products is quite big. So if I wanted to be strict about localness, I could. But I don’t want to be so restrictive just yet.

And even more surprising for me is that prices there aren’t even so steep. It’s actually quite comparable to the supermarket in some cases, and especially, if you consider all the embarrassment that store saves you its a real bargain. Don’t have to ask “where does this come from”, don’t get weird looks when I hand them reused bags to put my shrooms in.

Today I just bought some meat-replacement soya stuff, some bulgur wheat and some organic apples. And that all came out pretty cheap consedering I saved 2 euros on sea salt. In the supermarket, half kilo of over-packaged sea salt is 1,5E and there I paid 0,95E for a kilo, and my favourite part is that it saves on packaging and is all natural from the Atlantic.

I think I’m going to do all mt shopping there from now on. I have solved my TP dilemma, my trash bag dilemma (they have corn trash bags that are the right size) and my organic/local/cheap dilemma. Hoorray!

No photo this time… but I’ll post one soon after next time I go there.

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