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June 4, 2007 at 8:30 pm 4 comments

(I can’t believe I managed to spell that properly, but spellcheck says I did)

Hi there folks. Please excuse me if you are expecting a serious post, but as it happens, writing that monster-post on recycling left me kind of drained out. This post is going to serve 2 purposes:

  1. tooting my own horn 😀

  2. answering Lori’s questions about that recycling post (scroll down if you really can’t wait!)

No, sadly, the Carnival of the Green is not being hosted here. For that, you will have to wait until March 3rd 2008. But, my recycling post is being featured on the Carnival, this week being hosted on Groxie, and has made an appearance on a few other  blogs.

Here are the big news. I finally decided to, literally, put my money where my mouth is, and get my very own domain name. From now on, is up and running!  And I even made sure to register it at Dreamhost, who proclaims to be green on the account of buying Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Credits. Better than most, I say.

So now I have two options, and as I mentioned in my last post, that is a problem. Should I have my new domain as the blog’s address, or stick to the old one? I am hesitating because if I change, I will loose my precious technocrati number (22 and growing!) and pretty much start from scratch. That would mean that I have to work a lot more to write some more awesome posts to get my old rating back 😀 Then of course, I will have to ask you folks who link to me to update your blogroll with the new address. So considering all the facts, what should I do? Comment, comment, help me out! (I was even trying to make a little poll, Crunchy Chicken style, but turns out WordPress will not let me 😦

And now, for our little Q & A:

Q: What happens to, say, milk and soda containers that have the twist-off lids that, when twisted off, leave a little ring around the container? Do they get tossed? Should we remove the rings? (I do, a lot of the time.)

A: Well, I never do actually, I admit it. That is considered a ‘residual contaminant’, which is acceptable to some extent. So, no, they don;’t get tossed. It is better that you remove it, yes, because the quality of the material is better if the plastic is more ‘pure’. BUT. Most plastic is downcycled, which means for example, when you recycle soda bottles they are turned into garden pots or fleece stuff. So it really is up to you. If you feel like ripping them off, rip away!

Q: What about plastic containers that have a plastic label shrink-wrapped around them? Are we supposed to be removing that label as well? (Again, I have been, just to be safe.)

A: Ok, I’m not quite sure what shrink wrapped is. You mean, like the label of a coke bottle? If it comes of easily then it doesn’t hurt to take it off. But I don’t think leaving the label on is basis for rejection.

Q: Do you think it would be more worthwhile to buy peanut butter in glass jars, so that more of them would be recycled? (I fall into the category of “have been wasting my dish soap cleaning peanut butter jars”.)

A: Yes, definitely. You don’t even have to clean it as well. Just rinse it off. It doesn’t matter if glass is still greasy, because the high temperatures take care of it.

Q: What about broken window (or picture frame) glass? I’ve heard this can’t be put in either? True?

A: True. Broken window glass is a big no-no.

Q: What about the plastic bags from cereal boxes? Or the bags with the “ziploc” type zipper that you can get with everything from pet foods to organic sugar?

A: Cereal plastic bags, and other UPOs (Unidentifyable Plastic Objects) –  depends if your local recycling takes all kinds of plastics or just #1 and #2. If it’s the former, then you can, if it’s the latter, then you can only put in plastics that are identified as such. In this case, they will discard all other kinds anyway. Ziploc bags – are made of nice plastic #1 PET. Yes you can recycle them. But why don’t you reuse them first, to store veggies or herbs or what have you? 😉 If they are clean, you can reuse them. If you can’t reuse them because they are greasy then you can’t recycle them either.


By the way, while I was digging for answers to these questions, I found this little game. Are you aware? Check it out.

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  • 1. Lori V.  |  June 5, 2007 at 2:01 am

    Whoo hooo! I got a near-perfect score! I’m going to have to put this link on my blog at some point!

    As for my questions, thank you so much for your answers! The ones about Ziplocs, though… I wasn’t speaking to the ones we buy for our own use (true Ziplocs), but about the ones that already have product in them (like sugar, pet foods, etc.)… usually, one has to cut or tear off the top of the bag, & then there is a “zipper” incorporated into the design of the packaging… is that clear as mud, or what?!?! LOL!

    Here is a link to a picture of what I’m referring to:

  • 2. Chile  |  June 5, 2007 at 6:21 am

    Hey, I got a near-perfect score as well! And, I was aware enough to spot a typo in their responses. They told me I made an “excellant” choice. Hm, no such word…with an “a” in it. LOL!

  • 3. Alina  |  June 5, 2007 at 10:45 am

    Oh ok, I see what you mean, Lori. I wouldn’t reuse pet food bags either 😀 I guess it depends on the bag. If it is has several layers, like an foil layer inside the plastic then no. Try to look if there is the number on it. If they are clear and soft they must be #1. Otherwise, deal with them like with UPOs.

  • 4. Lori V.  |  June 8, 2007 at 9:19 pm

    So the plastic of the zipper wouldn’t be a different # than the plastic of the bag? (There are relatively few things I am anal retentive about, but my recycling is one of them! 😉 )

    I suppose I could continue doing as I have a few times & cut the zipper part off & trash it, but recycle the bag part… lots of trouble, but worth it in the end, I suppose!

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