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Awol and the Hydra

Goofy lookin Hydra

The closet environmentalist is very very very sorry for being absent for such a long time. Here at the Closet we have an ongoing battle of epic Tolkien-worthy proportions with Thesis, the multi-headed beast. You see, the thing about polycephalus creatures like the Greek Hydra is that when you chop one of the heads off, another 2 pop up in its place. So this is to say, my @#$%& Thesis is killing me. So sorry I haven’t been answering comments properly like you guys deserve… I suck, I know.

On other news, my shower is dripping. I mean, it was dripping until yesterday. Now it’s leaking and that sucks even more than the dripping. Until yesterday, I was collecting the water to water the plants, boiling eggs, mopping or even soaking dishes. But yesterday was cleaning day and I must have rubbed the lime the wrong way and now all that water is just running down the tile wall instead of dripping down. Which means that I have to fix the shower. Which sucks. It’s an easy fix but I need 2 big wrenches that cost around 20 euros, which I don’t feel much like buying because I will probably only use them this one time. And I also don’t feel like calling the plumber because that will very likely cost much more than 20 euros. And this knowledge combined with my and BF’s tendencies to block these things out of our minds will probably end up with the damn shower leaking for a very long time. *Sigh*

So anyway. Probably, for the next month or so I will have to pay more attention to my thesis than the Closet Environmentalist. I will try to post on the weekend at least, unless I feel sudden uncontrollable surge of inspiration, in which case a awesome new post may fall on you guys’ laps in the during the week (like, a real post, not like this one :D) In which case, I’m sure, your Google Readers will not fail you.

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