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Celsias Linkfest

Just a little announcement. I am taking over the Friday Linkfest duties over at Celsias. If you enjoyed my linking, you can get a lot more of it every Friday from today onwards. This week’s linkfest covers a lot of corn, both good news and bad news, GMOs, cancer, dolphins and almonds. Even though the hardest thing is to tell the good news from the bad ones…

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Eco-friendly is…

..not being a dumbass. Once you decide to care for the environment, being a dumbass is probably the biggest obstacle in your way. Oh how I envy organized people who’s head is firmly set on their shoulders.

Example: Since I started this blog, I have been very careful to turn everything off from the plug, the phone chargers,  laptop adapters and even the modem/router. I turned the water heater temperature down and have been zealously turning the lights off. And puff. One dumbass moment and its all gone (cough left cough iron cough on cough).

I can’t even begin to count how many umbrellas, sunglasses, pens, books and even various types of clothes, scarves, gloves belts and hats. I have lost during my short life. They could probably fill a whole lost and found room with all the stuff I’ve lost.

Being a dumbass is bad for the environment. My advice to you: don’t be like me.

*I continue to promise*

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Tuesday Ten: 10 things I could be doing right now…

… if my @#$%^&*@#$$%%&^* thesis wasn’t consuming my life. What’s that you say? No more thesis whining? Well, sorry guys. How did that song go? Something about a party and crying ‘if I want to’?

  1. Visiting my family in Russia
  2. Visiting my family  and friends  in Portugal.
  3. Going to the beach every day.
  4. Writing posts.
  5. Reading books.
  6. Learning to knit.
  7. Launching a super-awesome jewelry business on Etsy (yes, I make jewelry, or used to, back when I had a life)
  8. Learning some web design.
  9. Making my blog super-awesome and maybe going self-hosted.
  10. Having a life.

Ps: to the unfortunate soul who landed on this blog wanting to know if s/he could “still wear pleated khaki shorts” the answer is no, you most certainly cannot still wear pleated khaki shorts. But I wouldn’t take my word for it. According to BF, “pleated” doesn’t mean what I think it means. Oh well.

Thanks for sticking around guys. The wardrobe series is still in the works. As my mom likes to say, I “continue to promise”.

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Bad blogger, BAD!

Is there anybody out there? I am fearing everyone has given up on me by now.

Sorry guys… I was going through one of those ‘phases’ again. My thesis seems to be consuming all of my energy and inspiration. How time flies… Seems like it was only yesterday that I wrote that links post… Anyway, I am going to restrain from whining and move on to the public service announcement.

Public Service Announcement:

I am now working on something, so get ready for some serious awesomeness coming soon, possibly in the same category of awesomeness as my recycling post (well, I’ll let you be the judge of that). Stay tuned for a how-to series, this time wardrobe related.

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This week’s favorites

This is a test run. I don’t normally post only links, but let’s try it. Let me know how you like it.

Sharon, over at Casaubon’s Book, does a great job refuting this stupid article. Seriously, that bullshit pissed me off. But I’ll just refer you to Sharon’s post, because she does a much better job explaining why it’s bullshit than I ever will. But so that you have an idea, the original article, written by a “environmentalist” (note the sarcasm), has a field day quoting ‘studies’ and tries to argue that walking to the store creates more carbon than driving there.

“Driving a typical UK car for 3 miles [4.8km] adds about 0.9 kg [2lb] of CO2 to the atmosphere,” he said, a calculation based on the Government’s official fuel emission figures. “If you walked instead, it would use about 180 calories. You’d need about 100g of beef to replace those calories, resulting in 3.6kg of emissions, or four times as much as driving.”

What a loadacrap. I might have to return to this topic later because GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

On another, less pissed off, note, did you know that coin hoarding is bad for the environment? So stop collecting those pennies and put them back in circulation. Otherwise, you are creating the need for extra metal to maintain the coin circulation. Check out Green Living Tips, where Michael will explain it more accurately.

Siel, Green LA Girl, has detailed instructions on how to green your booze happy hour. Follow the links and have fun (responsibly, hehehe).

And finally, here is a recycling tip, courtesy of Amy Stodghill from Green Options.  If you are a hardcore recycler, and you want to get rid of your old VHS tapes, or CDs, or audio tapes or printer cartridges, you can use GreenDisk‘s Pack-IT service (In the US). Here is a list of what you can recycle this way. Yes there is a cost, $6,95 for a box under 20lbs. Peace of mind? Priceless.

August 7, 2007 at 12:11 pm 9 comments

Recycling – I told you so!

recycled newsRemember how I said recycling greasy and dirty paper and plastic was worse than not recycling at all? Apparently, I am not the only one. This week,, a website that specializes in waste and recycling news of the UK, published a story that confirms it. Chase Plastics, a British recycling company, has called councils to stop collecting plastic film from households.

(Plastic film is a technical term that applies not only to plastic film wrap but all kinds of thin, soft plastics, like pretty much every kind of wrapper there is, from the toilet paper package to plastic bags)

According to Jessica Baker, representing the company, “kerbside collections should be restricted to plastic bottles only”.

“This would reduce the contamination of other materials, such as paper and aluminium, caused by food residues stuck to cling film and plastic trays. It would also make sorting plastics easier and solve problems at materials recycling facilities, where film “gums” the machinery. While councils appear to be in favor of dropping film, the difficulty lies in convincing a public which is calling for all materials to be recycled. The problem is getting the message across that it’s just as important to leave certain things out as it is to put them in. Plastic is inert in landfill, it’s material which decomposes that is causing problems”

So there you have it. I told you so. *Does a little goofy ‘I told you so’ dance*

Photo recycled from Flawka, on Flickr.

August 3, 2007 at 1:19 pm 3 comments

Warming up to tofu


Ok, so remember I said before I couldn’t stand tofu. Well, seems like things are looking up on the meat replacement front. I still can’t stand plain tofu. But it has been a learning curve. I have discovered that I can tolerate firm tofu if it’s nicely pressed and well seasoned. And by well seasoned, I mean with it’s natural flavor well disguised under a thick layer of sauce. It has to pressed though because it’s natural texture is pretty gross… IMHO anyway.

But then I tried smoked tofu. Which was actually good enough to swallow without any preparation and all… And I…. I… dare I say it… I LIKED IT! It was quite a revelation, actually. Normally I never buy anything that is pre-made, or pre-seasoned or pre-cooked or pre-anything. But this flavored tofu stuff might actually be a good thing!

And there are all these different flavors to try… Teryaki… Indian… Thai… Ah… a world of possibilities has just opened itself to me.

I admit that the crumbly kind still scares me a bit… But, we’ll get to that. Baby steps, it’s all about baby steps…

So if you excuse me, I gotta go eat my tofu now 😉

Tofu prepared by DeathByBokeh, on Flickr.

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