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Hi! Use the form below to email me if you have questions, comments, suggestions or just want to say hi. Please don’t be pissed if I don’t answer. It’s not you, it’s me. Sometimes real life is overwhelming and bloggy things suffer.

Free stuff is accepted and reviewed, if I deem it worthy of mention, but keep in mind I live in Europe.

Now listen up:
If you want to tell me about your blog or let me know you blogrolled me, that’s fine and I appreciate it. But I don’t “do” link exchanges. If I decide I like your blog AND it’s somehow different from the rest, I’ll add you myself, thank you very much. Hell, there are great blogs out there that aren’t on my blogroll because I just haven’t gotten around to start reading them. So if you are offering an “I’ll add you if you add me” kind of deal then forget it- IT IS YOU and you can f#c% off right now.

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