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Bloggers for Positive Global Change

I almost almost forgot. A while ago Michelle Verges from Conserve Plastic Bags was so kind to nominate me for a Bloggers for Positive Global Change award. Thank you, Michelle. I am personally not going to nominate anyone this time because I already gave out ‘Thinking Blogger Awards’ a while back, and also tagged a bunch of other people with the ‘7 random facts’, so I’ll just refer you to those posts.

I know I should take this opportunity to acknowledge the great new blogs have been crossing my radar lately, but I’m just too scattered at this point to give them the attention they deserve. Sorry guys. I’ll make it up to you, I swear. Let’s just say that with all the stuff in my head right now, I have the attention span of a goldfish. The only reason I am not completely out of touch with the blogosphere is because fortunately I’ve had the foresight to subscribe to my favorite blogs back when my sanity was still intact.

So anyway, thanks to everyone who keeps reading this blog, despite my neglect *blush*

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And the award goes to…

Yup… Green as a Thistle  honoured me with a Thinking Blogger Award! Thanks Vanessa! (Still can’t believe it cause I’m the kind of person who always complains about never winning anything). 

My thinking awards are going to go to blogs who challanged my preception of the world and/or inspired some kind of change in my life.  So my award goes to:

  1. EnviroWoman’s Living Plastic Free in 2007– even though I was trying not to repeat nominations, I just had to give the much deserved praise to EnviroWoman. She makes it possible for me to believe that there can be life without plastic.
  2. Rachel’s Compact – the pledge of not buying anything new for a year. Made me realize shopping and consuming has an impact, and that there is nothing like not-shopping to counteract the “system”.
  3. Sara’s Walk Slowly, Live Wildly – because her blog is so pleasant and positive that just gets you motivated about stuff. Also comes with great photos and ‘thinking’ posts. She gave me the idea of using cloth bags for produce and not only for shopping. (I was planning to write about these in the future).
  4. Lori’s Do you realize? – I like how she balances her personal eco-moves, deep environmental discussions and personal posts on this blog, complete with a good dose of humour.
  5. Vanessa’s Green as a Thistle –  I know, how lame am I for awarding my last spot to the person who nominated me in the first place… but her blog is the coolest, funniest and most inspirational, so I just had to…

Special Mentions:

No Impact Man, who inspired the thought ‘if this guy can live without toilet paper, what excuse do I have?’ (Although I suspect that he secretely figured out how to use the 3 seashells).

Crunchy Chicken – who brought about the Diva Cup revolution.

Little Blog in the Big Woods – the reason I unplugged my freezer.

So, if you got a thinking blogger award, you are encouraged to go brag about it on your own blog and let us know which blogs make YOU think.

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